HiYa! Karate Birthday Parties

HiYa! Karate Birthday Parties are a FUN, EXCITING and UNIQUE way to celebrate your child’s birthday! Your Karate Birthday coordinator keeps all the children entertained while teaching them cool martial arts skills. We play Karate games to build confidence, teamwork, and concentration. Some of our activities include relay races, obstacle courses, ninja-ninja-dragon, musical chairs & limbo. We may even break boards! Your child can be a 'BLACK BELT' for the day and will smile with confidence as she/he celebrates their special day with us at HiYa! Karate.


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Karate Birthday Party Package

  • 1 1/2 Hours
  • Private Party
  • Party coordinator & assistant
  • $180 for up to 15 kids
  • $10 each additional child
  • Birthday child wears a Black Belt for the day and receives a special gift!
  • Each child has the option to break a board
  • Parent provides all party supplies, food, beverage, birthday cake and candles
  • HiYa provides goody bags to birthday participants
  • All non-HiYa Karate members earn 1 FREE Week of karate lessons!

Our Karate Birthday Parties are hosted by highly trained professional martial arts instructors who teach your child and their friends a very fun and enjoyable class. After the physical activities the children are served food and/or cake in our reception area. 

At the end of the party, all children in attendance will be given a coupon which may be redeemed for one FREE Week of Martial Arts Lessons. Moms and Dads are also welcome to try our martial arts, reality-based self defense and fitness programs! Make sure you don’t miss out on the fun!


HiYa! Parties

"The HiYa birthday party’s are super fun! You get to wear a black belt for the party. You play lots of games like, castle crashers, dodge ball, and crab soccer. You do kicks and punches with an x-ray paper. And we break wooden boards! Then at the end you can eat pizza and cake. It is really fun and cool. I think that YOU should try it."

 - Julia, age 10