Cobras (ages 7-13) Twice weekly training

The Cobra Represents Speed

Our most popular 7-13 y/o Children's Program is designed specifically for this dynamic group. This is the age of influence and persuasion.

We believe our program will strengthen your child's ability to make SMART CHOICES in life!

The goals of our program are to:

  • Improve your child's school performance through practiced attention skills

  • Build individual confidence using group performance

  • Perpetuate discipline and respect

  • Improve motor and sensory skills

  • Introduce Basic Self-Defense

  • Develop Tang Soo Do martial arts skills

  • Exercise fitness is part of our diverse program. We help develop healthy habits early!

Tuesday               6:00pm/7:00pm(Adv)

Wednesday        6:30pm

Friday                   6:30pm

Saturday            12:00pm

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