Q: My 4 year old daughter is small for her age and I’m  worried about who will be in her class?

R:  Our classes are divided by age that are developmentally appropriate.  HiYa Karate even offers an exclusive 3-4 year old program to ensure your young child is comfortable in his environment. Whatever your daughter’s age, he will always take class with other students of his own age range and ability. This insures a quality class that will be fun and educational for all involved.



Q: I’m concerned my child might get hurt? How safe are the classes at HiYa Karate?

R: As with any sports or physical activity, there is always some risk of injury. Here at HiYa Karate we take the extra step to insure your child’s safety. Our instructors routinely train with the safety-first mentality, and our equipment and flooring are designed specifically for the practice of martial arts.



Q: My son has taken an interest in martial arts, but I’m worried he will use fighting for conflicts? How can you help me?

R: HiYa Karate teaches more than just kicking and punching. We stress discipline and choice. Our students learn the true value of avoiding conflict and even the strength to ‘walk away.’ It’s also important to realize that we teach the tools necessary not only for self-defense but for self-control.


Q: My daughter is starting at age 7. How long will it take her to earn a Black Belt?

R: Every student’s journey to achieve a black belt in martial arts is unique.  On average, our students test for a belt advance every 3-4 months with at least 2 practices per week. Once they reach advance belt ranks of red and brown, our students are encouraged to train as often as possible. The last interval of training before testing for First Dan Black Belt lasts about 12 months. With dedication and hard work, your child could achieve her black belt within 4 years of training.  However, we believe the journey to achieve a black belt is more rewarding than the belt status    itself.