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HiYa! Karate

At HiYa! Karate, we believe in "Training for Life!"

    We are a family owned, operated, and integrated Martial Arts Center. The basis of our philosophy is rooted from Tang Soo Do ("Way of the Empty Hand"). Tang Soo Do is a composite style Martial Art that incorporates both hard and soft components of what most people refer to as Tae Kwon Do. The term, Tang Soo Do, is used to denote an older, traditonal form of Korean Martial Art. Tang Soo Do has its origins linked to the ancient Korean Tae Kwon, Chinese Shaolin & Tai Chi and Japanese Shoto Kan Karate styles.


     Our Principles and Creed are emphasized and throughout training. Students will engage in informative sessions that will educate them on socially challenging topics such as peer pressures.

Physical Techniques: 

     We teach the foundation upon which tradional karate was formed: stances, blocking, striking, and kicking.

Hyung Sik: 

     These forms are basic techniques brought together into patterns that teach students strategy, timing and balance while improving their comprehension and memorization skills.

Sparring One Step:

      Predetermined self-defense techniques are taught in a controlled enviroment. These serve to develop instinctual reflexive responses to both known and unknown situations.

Free Sparring:

     While wearing protective gear, students practice controlled sparring techniques. Safety is a paramount at all times.

Board Breaking:

     During special "Breaking Classes" and belt tests we build confidence in our students. Board breaking improves focus and concentration and diminishes psychological barriers that some students may face.


Susan L. Kline

Senior Instructor

Black Belt Tang Soo Do, Fourth Dan

Martial Arts Program Director, Master Instructor

Founder of 


, Special Needs Program

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) and Integrated Yoga Therapist (Yoga Alliance)

*Martial Arts Lineage

  • Master Promotion by GM James Stargel, 10th Dan Hakutsuru-Tatsu Shorin-Ryu and GM Ray Lee, 8th Dan Tang Soo Do
  • Tang Soo Do Instructor of the Year, 2009 United States Martial Artist Association
  • Hall of Fame Inductee, 2009 US Martial Artist Association
  • Training under Grand Master James C. Stargel
  • Training under Hanyann Ng, 2nd Dan Black Belt Eskrimas, Doce Pares of PIMA
  • Pediatric Physician Assistant
  • Masters in Health Science, GWU
  • Group and Children's Fitness Specialist
Susan Kline

Mark Kline

Senior Instructor

Black Belt Tang Soo Do, Second Dan

Commando Krav Maga Level 6 Instructor

Elite Combat Fitness Instructor

Certified Kettlebell Instructor

  • Trained under master Mike Brown, Tang Soo Do, Sixth Dan
  • Trained under master Moni Aizik, CKM Founder and Chief Instructor
  • Member & Coach, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
  • Emergency Medicine Physicians Assistant
  • Masters in Health Science from GWU
  • Certified Defensive Tactics Instructors
  • Served two tours in Iraq as an Army PA
  • Fitness Instructor to soldiers overseas



Shane Craig

Black Belt, Fourth Dan Shorin-Ryu

Second Dan Tang Soo Do

  • Black Belt Hall of Fame, 2002, US Martial Artist Association
  • Trained under master GM James Stargel, 10th Dan Black Belt, Shorin-Ryu
  • Training Under Susan Kline, Fourth Dan Back Belt, TSD
  • Assistant Teacher, Urbana High School
Shane Craig

Ian Stokes

Training under Master Susan Kline

Black Belt Tangsoodo

  • Commando Krav Maga Level II
  • Demo Weapons Coordinator
Ian Stokes

Yoga Instructors:

Sue Green

Yoga Instructor

Ethan Hall

Yoga Instructor

  • Training for Yoga Instructor Certification
  • Dog Training Instructor
  • Certified Police K9 Trainer
  • Owner of Capitol Canine Services
Ethan Hall

Junior Assistant Instructors

Madeline Kline

First Dan Black Belt, Tang Soo Do

  • AAU certified coach and junior judge and referree
  • Gold Medalist, Junior Olympics 2005 Gymnastics
  • Gold Medalist, Junior Olympics 2010 Taekwondo, Sparring
  • Gold Medalist, Junior Olympics 2011 Taekwondo, Black Belt Forms
  • USAG Gymnast Level 9
  • Member of Junior National Honors Society
  • Student Teacher
Madeline Kline

Mitchell Kline

Black Belt, Tang Soo Do

  • Gold Medalist, Junior Olympics 2010 Black Belt Sparring
  • Gold Medalist, JOs 2011 Black Belt Forms and Sparring
  • Martial Arts Weapons Specialist
  • Honor Roll Student
  • Yankee Fan
Mitchell Kline

Mark Thomas Kline

Black Belt, Tang Soo Do

  • Bronze Medalist, Junior Olympics 2010
  • Silver Medalist, JOs 2011 Black Belt Forms and Olympic Sparring
  • Assistant Instructor for Special Needs Program
  • Honor Roll Student
  • District 2 Champion for 4CLL 9/10 All Stars 2011
Mark Thomas Kline
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